How to spend a 16 hour layover in Singapore!!

How many times have you had the dreaded layover, particularly, when you arrive in the wee hours and you’re looking for a hotel, if you didn’t book ahead (because in the back of your mind you’re thinking), “hmmm, my flight is hours away, perhaps these uncomfortable airport chairs won’t be too bad for a few hours”…

Uh, no..

So, you arrive at almost midnight and every transit hotel ( a hotel in the airport that has basic amenities such as a shower, bed, but cost as much as a hotel with all the essentials), is fully booked. Yikes! The customer service desk suggests a nearby “spa rest stop” within the airport that has rates for $33/hr…don’t think so..

Finally, out of all the suggestions, (which no one seemed to have earlier), an airport employee suggests an “airport mini transit”, that offers private rooms at $75 for 8 hours or 5 hours for $40, which both include breakfast and whatever other craft cart items are available during your stay. There are showers and cubicles where one can nap and plug in cell phones and laptops.

Airport Lounge, #airportlife

Okay, after having a little soup as it’s super late, you shower and rest up as your flight is not until 3pm, and you opted for the 5 hours as 8 hours would be about 8 am and you can’t occupy the mini transit for 16 hours anyway since you will have at least 6 hours before boarding your flight….what to do with that time in a city where you have not been and it’s not some baron place in the middle of nowhere….it’s Singapore!!

Now, that you’re up, you begin exploring the airport. You come across info about Free Singapore Tours offered by Singapore Changi Airport. They offer various times to coordinate with flight schedules. There’s even a few storage options for any luggage up to 24 hours at a nominal fee. Cool!

The line isn’t long to sign up as you’re not the only one who thinks this is a great idea to kill a few hours. [You are required to show your passport and boarding pass as you’ll have to clear immigration to leave airport as you’re returning for your flight].

Eco-friendly building, Singapore

This is a great service that Singapore Changi Airport provides. What an awesome way to get a brief synopsis of the city while sitting in an air-conditioned tour bus, with a knowledgeable tour guide, getting off to take those Instagrammable shots of such landmarks as the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and a few Eco-friendly buildings and just like clockwork, you’re headed back to the airport with more than enough time to relax before your flight!!

Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

I really enjoyed this tour as I’m not one to sign up for them as I prefer canvassing the landscape on my own. However, this made sense and was an excellent alternative to sitting in the airport for endless hours or trying to navigate around the city one may be unfamiliar with and possibly miss a flight. I definitely recommend this and would like to get back to Singapore for a few days as opposed to 16 hours…

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One-waying it around the world!

When’s the last time you just bought a ticket and said, “I’m heading abroad and I don’t know when I’ll be back?”…That’s what I’m currently embarking on! How exciting!!

My son is all grownup and although it’s been over a decade since he flew the nest, it’s only been within the last year that I decided to slow travel ( non-traditional from what I’d done in the past). Just taking my time traveling to far away lands and chronicling my journey.

I’m learning so much traveling in a non-traditional way, not rushing to try to get all of the touristy stuff in, but actually learning languages, really absorbing and immersing myself in the culture, sharing my experience as an American and listening to the locals’ stories and devouring the scrumptious foods from street warungs.

Flying between countries when in Southeast Asia, as I am now (Bali, Indonesia), is super cheap!! Speaking of the US dollar stretching a long way, accommodations and food are extremely, reasonably accessible!

A full Balinese or Indonesian meal, including a protein and veggies can be $1.60! Accommodations can run anywhere from $2US up to hundreds, but that all depends on where you want to stay. Hotels, Guest Houses and Hostels closer to the beach will obviously be a little higher than towards the higher elevations such as Uluwatu and Ubud.

Within the last 5 weeks, I’ve traveled (in this order) from Miami Beach to California (home), Hawaii, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia and now Indonesia!! I will be leaving soon as I just have a 30 day Tourist Visa (didn’t know how much I’d love Bali, and areas of Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak and my love, Ubud💚), otherwise, I’d have paid $35 at the airport to extend 30 days!

As some famous nomad once said, “You can always find ways to make money, but you will never get back time”. My journey is far from over. I’m just beginning!!

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